At Capital Dentistry, we care deeply about the patients and communities we serve. Not only do we endeavor to take part in initiatives that benefit our communities at large, we also want to make each visit to the dentist a pleasant and relaxing experience. We will use our resources to provide educational and informative content to promote healthy oral habits. Take a look below at all of the initiatives from Capital Cares!

Our NEW Mascot and Your Partner in Oral Health

We know that sometimes going to the dentist can cause some stress or anxiety. Especially with our younger patients, the first trip to the dentist can be a scary one. Or for some of our adult patients, they may have some fears surrounding a previously difficult experience at the dentist.

This is why we are launching our new mascot, as a support partner for all your trips to the dentist. This is the newest member of our team, and although we haven’t named our mascot yet (coming soon!), we are sure that it will offer much comfort to patients when they visit.

Designed to be a comfort companion for our anxious patients, plush versions of our mascot will be rolled out to each Capital Dentistry clinic and given to patients that need a caring companion.  

So, meet Capital Dentistry’s new mascot!

Meet our Mascot

Community Carings