Dr. Derek M.J. Turner DDS

Dr. Derek M.J. Turner, DDS


Derek Turner’s life is defined by family and profession. He will never “retire” (ruled by his continued good health) from practice – as Dr. Turner puts it, “Retirement would be giving up a part of me!”

After graduating from the University of Toronto in 1972, Derek Turner moved from Toronto to Ottawa, a family home base with his wife Elaine. He was one of five dentists creating the largest group practice in Ontario in 1973. They were first with many dental services including computerization in 1979.

In the 1980s Dr. Turner built a dozen Tridont satellite offices in the Ottawa area in high-traffic and high-profile retail centres. This was a departure from traditional dental practices that had most often been found in medical buildings, etc.

In 1989 Dr. Turner, along with Dr. Berne Reesor, founded Holland Cross Dental Centre. The practice has grown in size over 30 years to a state-of-the-art dental facility offering a wide variety of gentle services to thousands of patients by seven dentists and 40 professional staff members.

Dr. Turner is blessed by family, friends and thousands of dental patients – all of whom, he says, have given him more than he has given them.


He enjoys photography, astronomy and cycling.